Other writings

In addition to the three novels shown on this site, Manu Herbstein has many published writings at shorter length, including:

Michelle President Michelle or Ten days that shook the world available on Amazon as Kindle edition A subversive political fantasy. The 2012 presidential election campaign is well under way when Barack Obama succumbs to a sudden heart attack. Vice-President Biden is sworn in as President and the Democratic Party recalls its convention. Jesse Jackson makes a powerful speech proposing that the party adopt Michelle Obama as their candidate. What happens next?
Elmina 2007 Reflections in a Shattered Glass: All at sea in Cape Coast Reflections in a Shattered Glass: the British Council’s Celebrations of the Bicentenary of the 1807 Act for the Abolition of the Slave Trade in Ghana in Slavery & Abolition Vol.30:2 pp.197-207. An earlier version was published by African Writing. Republished by The New Legon Observer, Accra, Ghana, December 2009. After an abortive attempt to mark the Bicentenary by having Oprah Winfrey beam her television chat show from Ghana the Ghana@50 Secretariat is reported by the British Council to have asked the same British Council to collaborate with it in developing a program for an event at Elmina Castle on 25th March 2007.
Civil Lines 6 "Building Bridges" in Civil Lines 6 Harper Collins India Civil Lines went to bed in 2001 and rose nearly a decade later in an unrecognizable world. Rip VanWinkle slept twice as long but woke up less disoriented: time moves faster in googleworld than it did in the Catskills in the late eighteenth century. The best explanation for the elephantine gestation of Civil Lines 6 is the truth, in the words of the editors themselves: unsure of their editorial judgement, they waited for the submissions to pass the test of time. And this is a collection of the pieces that survived.
maamobiThe Car Doctors of Maamobi African Cities Reader on-line full text Meet The car doctors of Maamobi, a photo-essay, in The African Cities Reader, Vol. II, published jointly by Chimurenga Magazine and the African Centre for Cities, University of Cape Town, 2011. Maamobi (A01) and the adjacent Accra suburb of Nima are slums: the standard of construction is poor, sanitation is poor and water supply is at best intermittent. Yet these areas serve a useful purpose, offering migrants from Ghana’s rural areas and elsewhere in West Africa relatively low rent accommodation (typically ‘chamber and hall’) not far from places of work.
chimurenga Letter from Accra: Sankõfa in Rhode Island Herbstein traces the slave roots that link the Gold Coast to Brown University, Providence, Newport and the State of Rhode Island in his "letter from Accra." You can read the full account Sankofa.pdf on-line with Acrobat Reader or download .Acrobat
Free Adobe Reader
chimurenga 50 Years Ago: Zeke in Nigeria Es’kia Mphahlele and the Anti-Apartheid Association of Nigeria – from the personal archives of Manu Herbstein.