Burt Award for African Literature: Ghana


The Burt Award for African Literature is a newly created literary prize that recognizes excellence in young adult fiction from Africa. Sponsored by CODE, Canada, CODE and made possible by the generosity of Canadian philanthropist William Burt and the Literary Prizes Foundation, the award addresses an ongoing shortage of relevant, quality books for young people while at the same time promotes a love of reading and learning in Tanzania, Ethiopia, Ghana and Kenya.

The award consists of up to three cash prizes and a publishing contract for winning submissions. Winning titles are distributed to schools and libraries throughout these four countries.
The Ghana Book Trust (GBT)The Ghana Book Trust (GBT) is the local coordinating organization administering the Burt Award in Ghana, where awards are open only to authors who are Ghanaian citizens and resident in Ghana .

Manu Herbstein was awarded an honorable mention in the 2010 round leading to the publication of "Brave Music of a Distant Drum" by Red Deer Press, Canada, and a third prize in the 2011 round leading to the publication of "Akosua and Osman" by Techmate Publishing, Ghana.
The photograph of the 2011 Winners Award Ceremony in Accra, Ghana, on July 16th 2012 shows the winners (l to r) 1st prize - The Kaya Girl by Mamle Wolo, published by Kwadwoan publishers, 2nd prize - The Lost Royal Treasure by Ruby Y. Goka Published by Kwadwoan Publishers, 3rd prize Akosua and Osman by Manu Herbstein, Published by Techmate Publishers