The Konkomba tribe of north Togo in pictures

See also Konkomba (Bekpokpam) history, culture, religion, economy

Froelich, Jean Claude. La tribu Konkomba du nord Togo. Dakar, IFAN. 1954.

Titles are rough (and sometimes partial) translations from the French. For accuracy please refer to the original.

40-year old farmer in working dress with hat.



Old woman with brass bracelet
Young woman with brass bracelets, scarifications and necklace of glass beads
Man in ceremonial dress: helmet  with feathers, quiver, axe, archer's bracelet, bead belt, G-string.
Young girl with bracelet of copper and wood, white embroidered skirt
Young girl seated with brass and wood bracelet  embroidered skirt, red belt, glass jewelry, earrings
Old man with boubou
Metalworking and metal objects
8. Lump of iron and  horseshoe
9. Bellows
10, 11. Anvil
12. Hammer
13. Tongs
14. Adze;
15. "grelot"
16. Sickle
17. Awl
18. Arrowheads
19. Adze
20. Dagger
21. Hoe blade
22. Silver bracelet
23. Copper bracelet
24. Wood and copper bracelet
25. Copper and iron rings
Agricultural tools
26. Hoe blade attachment
27. Hoe
28. Women's hoe
29. Adze for wood
30. Rain shoes
Wooden objects
31. Love seat
32. Women's chair
33. Chair "casse-tete"
34. Canoe and paddle
35. Knock-down chair
36. Water pot
37. Beer pot
38. Pot for preparing beer
39. Cup
40. Shower bowl
41. Pot
42.  Pot for storing valuables
44. Water pot
45 Pot with holes
46. Red and blue embroidery for decoration of loin cloth
47, 48. Straw hats

49, 50. Beer gourds
Calabash art
a. Soldiers, "Hippotrague," scorpion
b. Fish, horses, bustard
c. Soldier, leopard, rifles
d. Four men, bugler,hyena?
52,53.  Scoops
54. Fish trap
55. Basket
56. Fish trap
57. Fish trap
58. Wicker basket
59. Detail of 58

Dance costume
Musical Instruments
109 Horn
110,111 Three-stringed mandolin
112 Whistle
113,114 Drums
115 Horn
116 Drum
117 Iron bell
118-122  Whistles
123 Drum
124, 125 Horns

Yam mounds
Consulting a diviner
Agrarian rites